Solar System

Mars Attracks!

This week, the Red Planet is closer than at any time since Neanderthals roamed the forests of Europe, nearly 60 millennia ago. Anyone who takes the trouble to step out of the house in the late evening will see Mars hanging in the southeast like a pinkish, Christmas-tree light.

Scientist Interview - Paul Estrada - From Dust to Planets

If planets are a dime a dozen, moons are less than a penny each. There are at least 139 moons just within our own solar system. Most of these are the property of the gas giant planets beyond Mars.

Martian Clays Tell Story of Wet Past

Layers of clay-rich rock have been found in Mars’ Mawrth Vallis, a potential landing site for future rovers.  This work, published in the August 8 issue of Science, suggests that abundant water was once present on Mars and that hydrothermal activity may have occurred.

Seeing Red