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SETI tools

SETI Institute Calls for New Tools in Search for ET

MOUNTAIN VIEW – The SETI Institute Director of Research, proposed a broader, multidisciplinary approach to the SETI search, beyond radio and optical modalities, in an article published today in the journal Astrobiology.
Mars Polar Cap


MOUNTAIN VIEW – A science team led by Adrian Brown of the SETI Institute has measured the seasonal changes in Mars northern ice cap, and finds a net deposition each year that’s slightly more than the thickness of a human hair.
Allen Telescope Array

New Search for Signals from 20,000 Star Systems Begins

MOUNTAIN VIEW – The SETI Institute has inaugurated a greatly expanded hunt for deliberately produced radio signals that would indicate the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence.  Over the course of the next two years, it will scrutinize the vicinities of 20,000 so-called red dwarf stars.

Saturn's Moon Enceladus Hosts a Global Ocean

MOUNTAIN VIEW — Every square inch of Saturn’s small moon Enceladus overlies a potentially habitable ocean.

Moonlets Created and Destroyed in a Ring of Saturn

MOUNTAIN VIEW – There is an ongoing drama in the Saturnian ring system that causes small moons to be born and then destroyed on time scales that are but an eyeblink in the history of the solar system.  SETI Institute scientists Robert French and 

Martian Clays Tell Story of Wet Past

Layers of clay-rich rock have been found in Mars’ Mawrth Vallis, a potential landing site for future rovers.  This work, published in the August 8 issue of Science, suggests that abundant water was once present on Mars and that hydrothermal activity may have occurred.