NASA Frontier Development Lab 2018 Call for AI and Science Mentors


The FDL program is hosted by the SETI Institute and NASA Ames in Mountain View, California, and supported by leaders in Artificial Intelligence from the private sector, such as IBM, Nvidia, and Intel. This year a parallel program is also being run in Europe, with support from ESA.  

The purpose of the FDL program is to bring together teams of experts in the physical sciences and specialists in data science and machine learning to focus on, and to tackle unresolved problems that lend themselves to emerging AI approaches.

The program encourages rapid interaction and prototyping to create outputs with meaningful application, papers and conference posters. Participants will have the opportunity to work with stellar SETI Scientists and world class mentors in order to fulfil the expectations of the individual teams and to achieve the objectives of the program.

We are looking for experts in planetary science, computer science and machine learning to mentor our researchers towards genuine breakthroughs in:

  • Heliophysics
  • Astrobiology
  • Astrophysics
  • Planetary and Earth Sciences
  • Space Resource
  • Engineering
  • Astronomy
  • Data Mining
  • Software Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Research Engineering
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Mathematics

Mentors should be able to assist with candidate selection, initial planning, attend boot camp, daily 1-3 hour meetings and provide guidance on progress and the final outcome.

In addition, mentors will be required to support in person and virtually at NASA Ames and the SETI Institute during the 8 weeks’ program, from June 25 through August 17. (Or the European location). It is also expected that mentors attend daily 1-2 hour meetings/code sessions during weeks 2 through 6 of the program (the prototype phase).

See a full job description here.

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To Apply, send resume and cover letter to 
Applications are due by April 3, 2018.