Image of the Mars Rover
Mars 2020
Oct 18, 2018
NASA Prepares to Select Landing Site for Mars Life Detection Mission

The Mars science community are determining where the next NASA missions will explore.

Space Science Investigator Badge 2018
Girl Scouts
Oct 17, 2018
Girl Scouts Reaching for the Stars Featured in Smithsonian Magazine

Through the Girl Scout Stars program, the SETI Institute and its partners are developing space science badges for girls.

Black and white image of Pluto's Haze taken by New Horizons
Unistellar's eVscope
Oct 17, 2018
Capturing a Snapshot of Pluto's Atmosphere with Unistellar's eVscope

Unistellar announces that its digital compact telescope successfully detected Pluto’s recent occultation of a faint star.

Frontier Development Lab
FDL is an applied artificial intelligence research accelerator and public/private partnership between NASA Ames Research Center and the SETI Institute.
drake equation
Drake Equation
The Drake Equation was first presented by Drake in 1961 and identifies specific factors thought to play a role in the development of such civilizations. Although there is no unique solution to this equation, it is a generally accepted tool used by the scientific community to examine these factors.

big picture science

Big Picture Science
Big Picture Science is the weekly radio show and podcast of the SETI Institute. Hosted by Seth Shostak, SETI Institute Fellow and Senior Astronomer, and science journalist Molly Bentley, Big Picture Science explores modern science and technology through smart and humorous storytelling.
Paul Allen
Paul Allen
Oct 16, 2018
Paul G. Allen 1953 – 2018

Paul Allen, technologist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, died in Seattle on October 15 from non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Made of Mars artist's view of researchers collecting basaltic rock in Mars.
Made of Mars
Oct 15, 2018
A Future Made of Mars

Made of Mars will begin by learning to build with volcanic basalt. Basalt is the most common material on Mars and is widespread throughout Earth and much of the solar system...

Andromeda Galaxy
Oct 09, 2018
Intergalactic light beams might be just the ticket for making contact with space aliens

The "Trillion Planet Survey" aims to search the sky for signs of light — and life.

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