SETI and Climate
Jan 11, 2019
Why our galaxy probably isn't full of alien civilizations killed off by climate change

If extraterrestrials are out there, odds are they're too clever to have been blindsided by global warming run amok.

Fast Radio Burst
Jan 11, 2019
New Fast Radio Burster: Why the excitement?

The media are buzzing. Could it be that the Canadians have discovered aliens?

Aerial View of the Allen Telescope Array
Press Release
Jan 09, 2019
The First Comprehensive, Interactive Tool to Track SETI Searches

A way for the SETI community to keep track of, and update, all SETI searches that have been conducted and the results.

Frontier Development Lab
FDL is an applied artificial intelligence research accelerator and public/private partnership between NASA Ames Research Center and the SETI Institute.
drake equation
Drake Equation
The Drake Equation was first presented by Drake in 1961 and identifies specific factors thought to play a role in the development of such civilizations. Although there is no unique solution to this equation, it is a generally accepted tool used by the scientific community to examine these factors.

big picture science

Big Picture Science
Big Picture Science is the weekly radio show and podcast of the SETI Institute. Hosted by Seth Shostak, SETI Institute Fellow and Senior Astronomer, and science journalist Molly Bentley, Big Picture Science explores modern science and technology through smart and humorous storytelling.
Portrait of John Dreher
John Dreher
Jan 08, 2019
John Dreher 1947 – 2018

John Dreher, one of the most powerful motive forces behind the NASA SETI program, has passed away on November 12, 2018 at the age of 71.

New Horizons
Dec 21, 2018
An Ultima Thule Puzzle

The team have their first mystery, instead of seeing the expected pulsations in brightness, scientists are instead seeing what they describe as a light curve.

SETI Talks
Antarctica as a Time Machine: Our Portal to Snowball Earth and Faraway Worlds

SETI Talks are presented by the SETI Institute and SRI International.

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