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An update on Gemini Planet Imager from the TMT Science Forum
A live hangout ON-Air with SETI Institute's Senior Researcher Franck Marchis, Bruce Macintosh, principal investigator of the Gemini Planet Imager (GPI = "Gee"-pi) from Laurence Livermore National Laboratory and UC Santa Cruz, and Christian Marois, astronomer at the National Research Council in Canada.
International Space Orchestra
Ground-Control: An Opera in Space - (The International Space Orchestra) where space scientists become space musicians
Video chat about the International Space Orchestra moderated by Franck Marchis with Nelly Ben Hayoun, Janice Bishop, and John Cumbers.

NASA Doubles Down on Exoplanets and the SETI Institute Will Be Part of the Search
NASA's Astrophysics Explorer Program has selected the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) Mission to fly in 2017. SETI Institute scientist Jon M. Jenkins, co-investigator for data processing for both TESS and Kepler, will lead the development, design and operations of the TESS Data Processing Group (DPG) at NASA Ames Research Center.
MarsFest 2013
Join us for the Second Annual MarsFest in Death Valley National Park: Linking Extremes of Earth and Space!
We are proud to announce the Second Annual MarsFest (formerly Mars and the Mojave Festival) in Death Valley National Park from March 1st to March 3rd, 2013!
Planetary Lake Lander
Planetary Lake Lander Team Heads to Chile
Research scientist, Dr. Nathalie Cabrol and her team head to Chile to collect environmental and biological data in and around Laguna Negra to study how the Lake Lander probe senses its environment.
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Join SETIStars Today!
We’re grateful to have you by our side as we explore the vast cosmic ocean, asking questions, making discoveries, learning more about our universe and ourselves.
Planetary impact
A New Model for the Origin of the Moon
Matija Ćuk and Sarah Stewart propose a new model to explain the remarkably similar chemistry of the Earth and Moon. Published in Science Magazine online 17 October 2012.
Io Volcanic Activity
Monitoring Io’s Insane Volcanic Activity from the Comfort of Earth
Watching active volcanic eruptions should definitely be done from a distance, but a group of California researchers has figured out how to do it from the comfort of home.

The Birth of SETI Institute
The SETI Institute celebrates its 29 anniversary today. Read co-founder Tom Pierson's story about the establishment of the SETI Institute in 1984.

Earth Speaks
People from around the world are invited to submit pictures, sounds, and text messages that they would want to send to other worlds. The project aims to foster a dialogue about what we should say to extraterrestrial intelligence, as well as whether or not we should be sending intentional messages.